Bubble Bobble Plus! and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! for WiiWare

Square Enix has announced that they will be releasing two updated Taito classics onto WiiWare.
Bubble Bobble Plus! will release on April 10, 2009 while Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! will be released sometime in May.

The original Bubble Bobble was released in 1986 for the arcades and become a hit all around the world. In Bubble Bobble Plus! Bub and Bob are reunited to explore all-new maps and defeat new bosses with the 200 rounds in Arrange and Super Arrange Modes. Also players will be able to download two Expert modes which provide 100 additional rounds.

Square Enix will also be updating their other arcade classic Rainbow Islands (released one year after Bubble Bobble in 1987).

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