Review: Koropina

Another good example of what the Wii-mote control system can bring to gaming.
As with many marble games before it (Marble Madness, MonkeyBall, etc…), Koropina has a simple game concept: guide your marble through a maze collecting to get to the goal, and along the way you collect red crystals and bonus green crystals before hitting [...]


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Wii Number 1 arrives…

…but I can’t take it out the box!!  It will have to remain pristine, just in case Wii number 2 doesn’t make it before my brothers birthday in 2 weeks!
The box is smaller than I was expecting though!

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Wii, A new home for point-and-click games?

Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Day of the Tentacle - all fantastic and still highly playable point-and-click adventure games.
Sadly we haven’t seen too many new titles from the genre over the last decade, and those that we have are usually awful.
But things may be changing…
The Wiimote is the perfect point-and-click device for the interface and brains [...]

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When One Wii Is Just Not Enough!!

After months of searching, waiting, phoning up my local Game at 8:30 every morning and more waiting I got my hands on a Wii and not just the one, I also ordered one for my brother’s impending birthday (he is 30 only once!). And before you think I’ve come over all generous it is a [...]

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